The Way You Love Us

I remember the first time I held your hand. I got butterflies. Cheesy as that may be, no one had ever made me feel like that before. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a touchy person in the least. Except for when it came to you. Holding your hand. Being wrapped in your embrace. It feels like home.

There was a moment while I was in labor with each of our kids where the only position that felt safe, the only way I was comfortable, the only place where I knew the pain wouldn’t completely swallow me, was leaning against you and wrapped in your arms.

And I’ve seen it, over and over again. I’ve seen others lean on you in times of trouble. I’ve watched your friends find peace in your company. But the moments that bring me the most joy are watching our kids find safety in your presence. Being willing to try new things, because you’re watching. Getting up and trying again because you picked them up after they fell down. Enduring high fevers and painful coughs because you held them until they fell asleep. Believing in how big God is and how much He loves them because of the strength you claim in Jesus and how you love without limits.

The way you love us. Push us to be everything we were created to be. Hold us when we’re hurting. Make us laugh. I always knew you’d be an incredible father. They may not realize it today, but I hope someday they know how lucky they are to have you.

Happy Father’s day handsome. We love you.