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Coordinate! Don’t match!

Find a “foundation” outfit that a little more busy and has a fun pattern. Big stripes, florals, maybe a few polkadots. Pull colors from that to create everyone else’s outfits. Only one or two people need a pattern. More than that can start to get a bit busy and distracting.

Patterns stressing you out? No problem! Find a bunch of solids in the same color pallete! Easy and still super cute!

You can never go wrong with neutrals! Think greys, whites, creams, khakis, navies, you get the idea.

Want to add some fun pops of color? My style lends itself to muted but rich colors. For example, instead of yellow, try mustard. Instead of red, try burgundy. Instead of royal blue, try navy. Instead of purple, try mauve! Instead of orange, try a rusty color!

Steer clear of neons unless you want a radioactive glow! When sunlight hits these colors, it reflects onto your skin!

Tight thin stripes, tiny close together patterns and small polka dots can sometimes create a strange optical illusion when viewing your pictures on a screen. Try for bigger patterns and thicker stripes to avoid this!

Dress for the location! Sequence dresses and neck ties are too much for a green belt but look great in the city! Outfits with lots of green will get lost in a grassy, tree filled backdrop.

Dress for your comfort!

If you wear a dress you don’t love on your body, you’ll be able to tell in your pictures. I’d much rather you wear some jeans and a nice top and feel super hot and rock that confidence than wear a fancy dress that doesn’t make you feel gorgeous. Same goes for kiddos. Your little guy might look super adorable in the bow tie, but if he hates it, he’ll fuss the entire session which means stress for you and no smiles for him!

Layers, accessories, and jewelry are all important! Layers add character. Think cardigans, vests, simple necklaces, scarves, headbands, belts, so on.

Don’t forget shoes! If your little one is wearing an adorable outfit, and some Old Navy flip flops, it takes away from the cuteness. Going barefoot is always an option in my book!

You’re not going on stage for a dance recital! Too much eye makeup can look over saturated and harsh in pictures and heavy eyeliner can make your eyes disappear when you smile!

Don’t forget the right undergarments! Huh? What? Why is she talking about my underwear?! Fiddling with a bra strap for your entire session is going to make you crazy! And if dad tosses a kiddo in the air and his shirt lifts up a little bit, do you really want the world to know he owns a pair of pizza print underwear? Yikes!

And last but not least, just be yourselves! Let your outfits compliment your personalities! If your husband would never be caught dead in a bowtie, don't torture the man! We want dads to like picture day! A casual button down and some jeans will look great, I promise!


Still stumped and looking for some extra help? Can't decide if those two colors really go together or if it's just the light in your closet? Looking for an excuse to go shopping? 

Please feel free to contact me! Putting outfits together is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time!

newborn + lifestyle

Less is more! Babies are so sweet and perfect as they are, and their tiny details are something that you'll want to remember forever. No need for fancy outfits or complicated props, a simple swaddle or neutral onesie is more than enough.

I always bring a few extra newborn wraps with me to every newborn session that will match with anything, so if you're worried that you won't have anything that will work, let me know and I'll show you what I have!

Think as neutral as possible! White, gray, black, navy, blush, khaki, and muted colors (mustard, maroon, forest green, so on). Let’s make baby the star and remember the simple sweetness of this time in your lives.

Dress like you’re hanging out at home, because well, you’re hanging out at home! Now this isn’t to say that you should break out the sweatpants, or that sweatshirt that you've used whenever you have to paint or do yard work, but you don’t need a fancy dress either! If we are taking pictures in your home, you should look like you do when you’re home.

Be mindful of your furniture and bedding! If your couches are black, black tops probably aren't your best bet. You'll end up looking like a bunch of floating heads and limbs. Which is just... awkward. If your bedding has a busy pattern, you'll want to avoid too many additional patterns on your clothing so they don't clash.

Think jeans, joggers for dad and little dudes, t-shirts, black leggings and a simple flowy top for mom or a twirly fun sundress for your little girl, nothing fancy, no extra stress! Comfy, simple, relaxed, barefoot, easy!

Outfits that have special words, such as "big sister" or "baby brother" are adorable, but since little ones are so wiggly, it can often be difficult to capture every single letter perfectly flat so that the words are legible. Often times, there is only one pose that allows all of the letters to be seen, so while I am always willing to give it shot, I've found it best to give families a heads up beforehand.


Still stumped and looking for some extra help? Looking for an excuse to go shopping? 

Please feel free to contact me! Putting outfits together is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time!

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