There are certain moments in any relationship that you just want to remember forever. Whether it’s dancing in the kitchen while you make dinner together, or that one inside joke that really wasn’t even funny at the time but never fails to get you both rolling. I wish that I had taken more time to be intentional about saving some of those memories with my husband.

This session is all about capturing who you are as a couple. Fun, easy-going, simple pictures that really capture how you feel about each other. We’ll laugh, we’ll do silly things, and hopefully I’ll just fade into the background while you guys show off what makes you ‘you guys.’ These are some of my favorite sessions because everyone’s love is just a little different, but it’s all so joyful to capture. So don’t panic! We’ll have fun! Make it a date night. I’ll help with poses and we’ll get some really natural shots of you hanging out with your best friend.