Trombetta Family-81.jpg

Family sessions

If you’re looking for lots of pretty poses with everyone looking and smiling like a bunch of perfect little robots, I’m probably not your gal.

Over half of the images you receive from me are going to be of tickle fights, unrehearsed laughter, snuggles, so on. Will you still get a few of everyone looking and smiling? Sure, grandmas love those shots, so we have to grab some! But my hope is to capture your family as they are. This includes the toddler nose picking, the way you laugh when I make your hubby whisper something funny in your ear, and tantrums soothed by a momma’s hugs.

Don’t worry, it’s not total chaos! I’ll still give your family plenty of direction (don’t freak out, I’ll tell you what to do with your hands) and put you in some more relaxed poses, but ultimately we will play and laugh and maybe even dance. I’ll make weird faces, maybe some toot noises, and guess what, you’re going to get real smiles from your family. 

No need to beg anyone to sit still or say cheese, just show up, be yourselves, and we’ll make it fun!