capture your life

So you have this new camera and you’re super excited, but your pictures don’t look like you thought they were going to. There’s five hundred buttons on it and you only know what about three of them do. I was there once. I can show you all the stuff you need to know. A crash course on lighting, camera settings, and making the most of this new camera! Let's grab some coffee and conquer your camera together!



build a business

You've been taking pictures for a while now and your friends keep asking you to bring your camera to the next birthday party you attend. Oh, and your co-workers won't stop bugging you about family pictures. You feel a pull towards sharing your passion with others, but aren't sure where to start. Google hasn't been very helpful, and your head is swimming with things like "sales tax, posing, sending galleries, social media, and so on."

It wasn't too long ago that I was in the same boat. I've built my business from the bottom up with the help of a few awesome seasoned photographers who graciously answered every question I had. Let's sit down and have coffee, maybe a milkshake if that's your thing. I'll help with camera settings, editing, and give you all of the knowledge I have about building and maintaining a business. I’ll create a custom mentoring experience for you that will best fit your needs and we'll start this new journey together!