I'm Samantha. I live in AZ and I love the desert.

I am married to the funniest dude on the planet (in my humble opinion) and we have two amazing kids! I started this whole gig because of my own babies. With the desire to capture their childhood in the most raw way.

Photography has become a way for me to express my heart when words fail me. So know that when I take your pictures, this is not simply a job for me, but I take great pride in what I do and it comes from somewhere deep inside of me. The day that photography just becomes a way to get paid is the day that I quit.

So really, I kind of I bumped into photography one day and fell in love. It was like picking up my camera allowed me to view life with a whole new perspective. Every now and then I get to hop in the car with my camera in tow and snap sweet little moments for some really rad folks. Many of my clients have become people I am lucky enough to now know as friends.

I'm a natural light shooter, meaning you'll rarely see a flash on my camera. I love real moments, like little boys playing with rocks, little girls twirling, baby yawns, and bursts of laughter. I'm all about capturing life simply, just as it is; because when you look back at these images years down the road, I don't want to have only provided you with a good picture. I want to you be able to look at your photos and relive the memories, the emotions, and just for a second, be able to defy time. I hope you give me the privilege of meeting you and capturing memories for you and those you call yours!