lifestyle sessions

Any homebodies out there? I'm right there with you. Home is my favorite place to be, especially when I'm snuggled with my family, watching a movie!

Over the past few years of this photography journey, I have realized a common theme. Lifestyle sessions, which is just a fancy word for pictures taken at home, are often where the best smiles live. I think it's just the comfort and safety of being home. It puts kiddos at rest, creates less stress for mom, and allows dads to relax and let loose.

Lifestyle sessions are by far my all-time favorite. I love capturing little ones snuggled into their mommas. I love seeing your family's personality shine. Kids get to be kids without any expectation, and I swear that creates the best moments. 

A little different than documentary sessions, I'll still help everyone get where they need to be, but expect a lot of laughter and playtime. Lifestyle gives more freedom for me to capture your family organically, and those are the kinds of images that make my heart explode!