Growing Up

Today was her last day of kindergarten and his last day of pre-school.

I just... How? I know many of you have kiddos graduating high school, some even college. I cannot even image how you must be feeling.

She's reading, writing, adding, and eager to learn more and more every day. Her questions have gone from, "...but why?" To these deep, well thought out, critical thinker kind of questions. And while all those things are important and exciting, I asked her last week if there was anything that she learned about herself. And the answer, in short, was confidence and the power of her words.

He's... Sitting in his seat and keeping his pants on his body. And today I witnessed him gather his friends to play tag and duck-duck-goose. He eagerly pulled more in and cleverly tagged everyone as the goose so he would have the entire class chasing him. He's a good friend. He loves people. Oh and he knows the letter "H." He says it's "his letter."

I have been a mother for over 6 years now. I can hardly believe it. I remember when my husband and I used to spend evenings chatting about what kind of school our kids would go to, and which subject we thought they'd flourish in. And all of those conversations were just "what ifs" and distant dreams. And now here we are, one headed into 1st grade and the other into pre-k.

Hold those babies close, friends. It really is a blink.