The Details

Do you ever take time to study the details of your kids’ faces? I remember back when they were itty bitty babies. Hours of nursing led to hours of staring at their tiny faces. Noticing eyelashes, eyebrow patterns, dimples, birthmarks, and so on.

But as they have gotten older, maybe it’s just me, but it’s rare that I just stare at their faces for long periods of time. Partly because these days it’s rare that they sit still long enough. And when I do stare for longer than a couple seconds I get, “Uhh... Mommy... Are you okay?” But as I was editing a few pictures I took of them the other day, it felt like I was seeing them in a new light.

Ever since she was a baby, Raegan has always crinkled her nose when she laughs. Somewhere along the way I stopped appreciating those sweet little wrinkles. And those freckles. She’s got just a sprinkle of my freckles. But they are there and summer brings them out, just like it does mine. She’s always begging me to let her wear lipstick (she loves makeup) but she doesn’t realize her lips are so perfectly pink, she doesn’t need it. And those lashes. They might not be the longest, but they are thick and full, like her daddy’s.

There’s not a hint if baby left in that face. I remember staring at her as she slept in my arms and wondering what she’d look like as she got older. And now that’s she’s older I look into her face and I wonder if those crinkles and freckles will follow her into adulthood. One thing’s for sure though, she is beautiful and the joy in her heart radiates in her smile. And I hope that’s something she takes with her through every part of her life.