Notes for my Girl

When you were littler every night when I’d tuck you in, I’d whisper in your ear “You are fearfully and wonderfully made and a daughter of the Most High.”

Somewhere along the way I stopped doing that. Not sure why. Honestly when your brother showed up, bed time started to feel like a chore and I probably got lazy.

But it’s still my prayer. That you’d grow up confident in who you are both on the inside and the outside. I hope you always smile when you look in a mirror and that the voice of the world would be silenced by the truth that you know in Jesus. That you won’t spend years throwing yourself at different boys hoping one of them would find you beautiful.

But instead that you fall so in love with the Lord, even as a little girl, that you’d never once doubt your self worth. I hope your laughter always comes from somewhere deep and that your eyes always sparkle when someone tells you that you’re pretty. That you are always as confident in who you are as you are today.

When I shout “remember who you are” as you get out of the car for school every morning, you always turn back with a smile and giggle as you say, “Yeahhh mommy, I know I know.”

You are a gift, little girl. I’m so thankful that you’re mine.