Seemingly Mundane

Breakfast time.

Something that I see every single day. Raegan decided a long time ago that she was "big enough" to make her own breakfast, so most mornings consist of her getting up to her alarm, getting her uniform on, making sure her homework is ready, and then "making breakfast" for her and her brother.

AKA, she toasts some waffles, microwaves oatmeal, or pours a couple bowls of cereal. Nothing too fancy, I wouldn't let her use the stove unsupervised yet. And don't worry, there's always fruit or something too.

Anyway. I had a thought this morning, while I watched them eating. Someday all too soon, my breakfast table will be empty. I have at least 16 years you say? I already cannot believe that I'll have a 7 year old & 4 year old this year. It really was a blink, as cliche as it may sound.

I'm so thankful for my camera. Capturing the big moments are important, sure. But it's these moments. The everyday. The stuff we often take for granted. 25 years from now when my house is quiet and my kiddos are feeding babies of their own, I know my heart will ache for this scene. So today I made sure to capture it. Distracted by cartoons and grumpy from only being awake for 20 minutes, I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.