Their Favorite Place

Growing up as an only child, all of this sibling stuff is basically totally new to me. I didn't have someone at home who constantly wanted to play with my toys. I didn't have to compromise on a TV show that everyone would enjoy. There was no rock, paper, scissors to decide who got the last juice box in the fridge.

I know lots of only children aren't a huge fan of when people who grow up with siblings peg them as "spoiled," but I'm not ashamed to admit it. I know I was spoiled. I know I was lucky to get all the time an attention to myself. And I know my parents would have really liked for me to have a sibling, but it just never ended up working out.

SO, when my kiddos argue or fight, sometimes it's a struggle for me to figure out how to resolve the situation in a way that leaves both kids feeling heard and not short changed. I'm not saying that only children don't know how to deal with stuff like this, I'm just saying that having not grown up around it, it's not something that comes as naturally to me as it does to my husband. Often times I let them work it out on their own and more often than not, everyone says sorry and they move on. There's lots of "I'm sorry for....." and "Thank you. I forgive you." As well as plenty of opportunities to explain feelings and listen when others are speaking their mind.

Then some days, some days it doesn't matter how many time-outs or apologies are given. No amount of teaching or privileges getting taken away will fix it.

But for SOME reason, when I toss these two in the bathtub, they are immediately best friends again. They play happily. They share without question. They compromise. They even encourage each other and ask about their days. It's been this way since the beginning. Even when Raegan was a toddler and Harvey was a tiny baby. They'd both scream at me all day for one reason or another and I'd get them both into the bath and it was nothing but splashing and giggles.

So I knew I wanted to capture this time before they got too old. And truth be told, I know this time is quickly coming to an end. But hey, at least I'll have these memories, right?