Rainy Days

Rainy days are few and far between here in AZ. Every time I got to Target, I see these super cute little fireman looking rain boots. And every time (I'm not exaggerating), I put them in my cart and spend the rest of the shopping trip trying to convince myself that Harvey needs them. I do the same when they have pink ones in Raegan's size.

But every time, I put them back. Because 2 days of rain in the last 4 months, I just cannot justify spending $20 on shoes they will use for wet weather and will likely grow out of before the next time it rains.

But, I have these fun clear bubble umbrellas on hand for if/when I ever had a client who is willing to brave a rainy day. I have literally used them ONCE before. So I figured it would be fun to let the kids play with them for a little bit.

After about 5 minutes, Raegan decided she was too cold and ran back inside. But Harvey, shirtless as usual, played until he couldn't stand the shivers anymore.