Notes for my Girl

I danced around the living room of our tiny apartment. I didn’t know how badly I wanted you until those two pink lines showed up.

You brought the joy to the surface. Joy I had buried deep inside after losing your older brother or sister just a couple months before. So I danced. And I laughed. And I thanked Jesus for your life.

I didn’t even know you and I loved you.

I hadn’t seen your nose scrunch when you smile. I hadn’t seen the way your hair glows in the sunlight. I hadn’t fought you to brush your teeth. Didn't know your favorite color would be "basically the whole rainbow." Or that your favorite animal would be a toss up between an ostrich and a unicorn. I hadn’t watched you shed tears over which direction the number 3 was really supposed to face while doing your homework. Hadn’t heard your belly laugh. Never stared into your brown eyes.

I hope you feel it. I pray you feel my love grow for you every single day. With every silly dance and tickle fight. In the moments I raise my voice when trying to protect you. In the way I smile at you every morning I drop you off at school. In the big moments and our seemingly mundane day to day

You, sweet girl, have brought a kind of joy to my life that I used to only dream of. I know you and I love you. And I’m so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my days getting to know you more and more.