Daddy Daughter Dance

We spent the entire day together. We went to multiple stores looking for the perfect dress. And she was determined to find some "amazing high heels."

We found the dress and some hair clips to match, then headed to the shoe store. She laid eyes on a pair of little pink heels and she gasped. Tossed off her boots and slipped on her dream shoes. Then she took a few steps. Her excitement turned to confusion. "These aren't very comfortable... How do people dance in these?"

Cue my sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything wrong with heels, but I've literally worn them for a total of MAYBE 5 hours the entirety of my life.

I got married in Chuck Taylors. So... you do the math.

So we came up with a new plan: find the shiniest, most sparkly pair of sneakers that they had. She tried them on, and I knew they were the ones. "I think I'll be able to dance forever in these."

As we were about to head home to start getting ready, she said in such a sweet voice, "Mommy, I know YOU don't really like makeup, but would it be okay, just this once, if I wore some lipstick?" So back to Target we went, because big shocker, I don't own a single tube.

She picked, "So Berry Pink." How I produced such a girly little girl, I'll never know. But I love her excitement.

When we got home, she tried to nap, but was too excited to really settle. So as soon as 4:00 hit, she hopped in the shower, put on her dress, wrestled on her new shoes, and insisted on applying her lipstick all on her own.

Daddy rang the doorbell and took her to dinner. Last I heard, they were dancing the night away.

I love that man. I love that girl. And I love how they love each other.