Summer Vacation 2017

I started this photography journey with the hopes of capturing my children as they grow. It's become a difficult balance, now that photography is also my job. To be both present for them, but also capture moments that I want to freeze in time forever.

I went back and forth the week before as to whether or not I wanted to bring my camera with us on our trip. I was so excited to unplug for a week and give my family all of my attention. I had even considered having a photographer friend of mine come and capture a full day for us, just so I wouldn't have to. But in the end, my husband reminded me that taking pictures of the kids would actually end up being restful for me. And would help re-ground me before I jumped into a full Fall season. 

And he was totally right. I am so glad that I brought my camera along. I would snap a few shots here and there, and then away it went so that I could spend the rest of the time with my kids. These are some of my favorite pictures of them ever. Likely because they are unposed and completely raw, and just them being kids.