Monkeys on my Bed

These little monkeys and I did not get along today.

They fought, constantly. They broke things, they didn't nap. They didn't listen the first, second, or third time.

I yelled more than I should. Dismissed them when they were simply trying to connect with me. Shuffled them to their rooms the moment we got home for an early and rushed bed time.

And now I sit here, as they are tucked into their beds and silent, staring at these pictures and missing them. Kicking myself for the moments I had an opportunity to teach, but let my temper or my impatience get the best of me.

And you know what? They will wake up tomorrow with smiles on their faces. They will greet me with kisses and "I love yous." They will make themselves breakfast and be patient with me while I peel myself from bed slowly.

They won't mention today. They will be the greatest example of grace, as they always are. And when I apologize for my grumpiness, they will offer hugs without judgement.

I missed opportunities to slow down and teach today, yet these little people never stop teaching me.

I am so thankful for them. Even in my frustration, they are answers to many prayers, the source of so much joy, and I am so proud of them, simply for who they are.