Am I the only mom who really doesn't love doing crafts with their kids?

I just don't love the mess. Actually, more like, I don't love the person I am when trying to contain the mess. I'm all about them being creative and spending time expressing themselves on paper. But I know myself, and I know I have a hard time not getting upset when the paint hits the floor or the glitter gets dumped on the dog, or the tiny dab of glue I suggested becomes a giant glob that is slowly threatening to reach beyond the edges of the paper and make its way onto my kitchen table. And so on and so for.

I used to get all jealous and guilty when I'd see some of my amazing mom friends doing Pinterest products with their kiddos, because mine just don't very often. 

But every now and then, usually in the summer when I'm trying desperately to keep them entertained indoors, we bust out our very small art supply and I grit my teeth and let whatever is going to happen, happen.

And they love it. And I survive. And I walk away realizing how silly it is for me to not let them do it more often.