Spring Break 2018

Anyone else's kiddos on Spring Break? Any other work-from-home parents struggling this week?

Lol I always tell myself that I'm going to take the week BEFORE Spring Break off every year so that I don't have any editing or extra work to do the week of so I don't have to try to juggle keeping the kids entertained while trying to pump out a bunch of sessions.

And then I forget. Every year.

It's a hard balance. Trying to get all of my editing and emailing done while also trying to be present for them. We don't usually do anything huge for Spring Break, but I also don't want to take advantage of the gift that it is to be home with my babies. So I try to sneak in some fun stuff here and there. So Monday we took a trip to the Science Center, and today I think I am going to take them location scouting with me once they wake up from naps and call it "exploring."

Hopefully they buy it and don't just fight in the backseat the entire time.

Hope you're having a fantastic week friends!