Hillary Family-80.jpg

build your own mini session


20 minutes

minimum 15 digital images

predetermined outdoor location

must provide two families to book January - September

seasonal minis are available October - December

*all sessions are subject to sales tax of 8.9%

“build your own” minis are always comprised of two families shot back to back. have you and a friend been talking about how you need updated family pictures? or maybe your sister is in town and her family would love some pictures in the desert! then this might be the perfect option for you!

this session is short and sweet! it's perfect for smaller families with older children or kids who aren't afraid to get out in front of the camera! if you've got little ones who might take a bit to eke out the smiles, this session might be too short and sweet for you!



Killen Family-78.jpg

The full


1 hour

minimum 50 digital images

outdoor location

*all sessions are subject to sales tax of 8.9%

no need to beg anyone to sit and say cheese, we have plenty of time to play and laugh to capture those real smiles you see every day! with this session we'll have time for whole family shots, shots of the kids together and individually, shots of each of you with the kids (since you never get those mom!) and even some of mom and dad, because let's face it, you just don't get those very often! 

Eyer Family-60.jpg

the lifestyle


2 hours

minimum 50 digital images

in the comfort of your home

$30 travel fee for locations further than 20 miles

*all sessions are subject to sales tax of 8.9%

this is where the best smiles live! the comfort and safety of the kids being at home, mom not having to stress about getting out of the house on time, and dad being in his natural environment all contribute to these being some of my favorite sessions to capture!

Beard Family-54.jpg

The extended


1-2 hours

minimum 50 digital images

outdoor location

*all sessions are subject to sales tax of 8.9%

family reunion? everyone in town for the first time in years? looking for a special gift for the grandparents on their 50th anniversary? this session is perfect for capturing all the people you love!