THe mini


20 minutes

minimum 15 digital images

predetermined outdoor location

only available on weekdays

*all sessions are subject to sales tax of 8.9%

grandma and grandpa keep bugging you for an updated picture? looking for something more than those once a year school pictures to showcase your kiddo’s personality? this session is short and sweet and perfect to capture how your kiddo has grown!


The full


1 hour

minimum 50 digital images

outdoor location

*all sessions are subject to sales tax of 8.9%

celebrating a first birthday? bring the cake, bring all their favorite things! celebrating just how adorable and awesome your kiddo is? sounds great! feel free to bring a couple of outfit changes, or some items that truly represent your little (or big) one in this current season of life. this is one hour all about making your child feel special! we'll capture all their silliness, quirks, smiles and everything in between!